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From the late fifties, throughout the sixties and into the seventies, many new homes were built with drains composed of pitch fibre pipes. They were considered a perfect replacement to clay pipes due to the fact that they were cheaper and lighter. This made them easier to handle and install than the more traditional clay pipes.

The walls of these pipes was made from pitch fibre. Essentially processed wood chips reinforced with tar. This would then be formed into the pipe shapes inside a vacuum and under pressure.

These pipes were never considered suitable for waste water pipes from kitchens and bathrooms as they were not resistant to hot, soapy water or drainage with any fats or oils in it. Pitch fibre pipes were considered appropriate for foul waste drains.

Unfortunately, the last forty years has shown that these pipes weren't made the ideal material after all.

  1. Over time the pitch fibre of the pipe work deteriorates. This can be exacerbated if they are poorly laid. The age, weight stress and any chemical erosion leads the pipes to fail.
  2. The walls of the pipe work can leak through becoming porous. As the water leaks out it washes away the soil surrounding the pipe and can cause subsidence.
  3. Leaks in the pipe work can attract tree and shrub roots, which then penetrate the drain and cause further damage.
  4. Pitch fibre pipe work can blister or collapse, causing drain blockages.
  5. The typical types of maintenance carried out on drains constructed using pitch fibre pipe work can cause damage simply because of its more delicate nature.

By the high standards which we work to pitch fibre is a unsatisfactory material to build drainage systems from. The limited life span of the material means that it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, each run is different so no-one can ever predict when it will have to be replaced.

If you suspect your home, business or the property you intend to buy has drains composed of pitch fibre pipe work, contact us at Dyno-Rod on FREEPHONE 0800 112 112 and we can check for you.

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